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    First Mondays, 12-1pm 

    Come dive into a new book every 1st Monday of the Month on Zoom. Talk about the books with open discussion and guided questions to reflect on what's been read with your fellow members. To learn more about the upcoming books, visit

  • Sep 12 | Why Didn't They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie

    Why Didn't They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie

    A dying man’s bewildering last words pull an inquisitive young man and his beautiful companion into a dangerous web of lethal secrets in Agatha Christie’s classic mystery, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? While playing an erratic round of golf, Bobby Jones slices his ball over the edge of a cliff. His ball is lost, but on the rocks below he finds the crumpled body of a dying man. The man opens his eyes and with his last breath says, "Why didn't they ask Evans?" Haunted by those words, Bobby and his vivacious companion, Frankie, set out to solve a mystery that will bring them into mortal danger.

  • Oct 3 | The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

    The Thin Man: Dashiell Hammett: 9780679722632: Books

    In Dashiell Hammett's famous crime novel, we meet one of the detective-story master's most enchanting creations, Nick and Nora Charles, a rich, glamorous couple who solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis. At once knowing and unabashedly romantic, The Thin Man is a classic murder mystery that doubles as a sophisticated comedy of manners.

  • Nov 7 | The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey The Widows of Malabar Hill (A Perveen Mistry Novel):  9781616957780: Massey, Sujata: Books

    Perveen Mistry, the daughter of a respected Zoroastrian family, has just joined her father's law firm, becoming one of the first female lawyers in India. Mistry Law has been appointed to execute the will of Mr. Omar Farid, a wealthy Muslim mill owner who has left three widows behind. But as Perveen examines the paperwork, she notices something strange: all three of the wives have signed over their full inheritance to a charity. Perveen tries to investigate, and realizes her instincts were correct when tensions escalate to murder. Now it is her responsibility to figure out what really happened on Malabar Hill, and to ensure that no innocent women or children are in further danger.